What you need to claim a deduction


What you need to claim a deduction

Flor- Hanly - Sunday, February 23, 2020

Deductions you can claim

When completing your tax return, you're entitled to claim deductions for some expenses, most of which are directly related to earning your income.

deductionsWork-related expenses

To claim a work-related deduction:

  • you must have spent the money yourself and weren't reimbursed
  • it must directly relate to earning your income
  • you must have a record to prove it.
If the expense was for both work and private purposes, you can only claim a deduction for the work-related portion. Work expenses reimbursed to you by your employer are not deductible.

We can seek information from your employer if we think you have claimed a deduction for an expense that you have already been reimbursed for.

You may be able to claim a deduction for expenses that directly relate to your work, including:

  • Vehicle and travel expenses
  • Clothing, laundry and dry-cleaning expenses
  • Home office expenses
  • Self-education expenses
  • Tools, equipment and other assets
  • Other work-related deductions
Download the ATO's schedule of supporting documentation:
Send us copies of supporting documents for the items listed in the schedule. The copies need to be clear and readable; otherwise we may ask you to provide them again. Copies of documents will not be returned to you unless specifically requested.

If you are required to provide a letter from your employer or employers, this can cover multiple items. If you are unable to provide all of the documents, we may need to seek further information from you.

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