Single Touch Payroll deferrals


Single Touch Payroll deferrals

Flor- Hanly - Monday, September 10, 2018

Single Touch Payroll deferrals

Some employers may not be ready to start STP reporting from 1 July 2018 and will need a later start date. We call this a deferral.

single touch payrollEmployers, software providers, tax professionals and payroll service providers can apply for a deferral.

There are also deferrals for finalising STP data for closely held employees, and reporting through STP if you have unreliable or no internet service.

Deferrals for commencing STP reporting

Clients of payroll software providers

Some payroll software providers may not have their products ready for STP and may have applied for a deferral.

Any deferral granted by us will cover the existing clients of that software version. These clients will need to start reporting through STP on or before the deferred date granted.

Your payroll software provider will let you know if and when a deferral is granted for your software version, and provide you with a deferral reference number (DRN). This is for your records only. If you are unable to get ready by this deferred date, you will need to apply for your own employer deferral in addition to this.


If you are not able to start reporting through STP now, or by your software provider's start date, apply for a deferral using the online form at Single Touch Payroll – employer deferral request.

Note: Tax and BAS agents should use this form when lodging a deferral request for a single employer client who is not ready to start STP reporting from 1 July.

Deferrals will be considered if you:

  • are unable to get ready by your software provider's deferred start date
  • are transitioning to a new STP-enabled solution
  • are using a customised payroll solution and you need time to configure and test your updated product
  • have complex payroll arrangements and need additional time to transition to STP
  • have entered administration or liquidation
  • have been impacted by a natural disaster
  • are affected by other circumstances which are out of your control.

You or your registered agent can submit your completed form. Call Flor-Hanly in Mackay on 07 4963 4800 to check your eligibility and to assist.

Source ATO

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