Private use of business stock


Private use of business stock

Flor- Hanly - Monday, October 07, 2019

Using stock for private use

If you take items of trading stock for your own use, you need to record the value of the stock (excluding GST) so you can include it as part of your assessable income in your income tax returns.

Including this amount may help prevent you from falling outside of the ATO's small business benchmarks. If you cannot provide records, you can use the ATO's estimates which they update annually for the following industries:

  • bakery
  • butcher
  • restaurant/café
  • caterer
  • delicatessen
  • fruiterer/greengrocer
  • takeaway food shop
  • mixed business (includes milk bar, general store and convenience store).
If your industry isn’t represented in the benchmarks, you can use the information in the ATO's annual publication, Taxation Statistics.

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Source: ATO

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