Extension of time to enrol for the JobKeeper scheme


Extension of time to enrol for the JobKeeper scheme

Flor- Hanly - Tuesday, April 28, 2020

JobKeeper Payment update

The ATO have extended the due dates for the JobKeeper payments and enrolments. 

jobkeeperBusinesses with employees now have until 8 May 2020 to ensure they have made sufficient payments to their employees who are eligible. 

Those who are eligible to access the JobKeeper payment as a sole trader, partner, beneficiary or shareholder now have until the 31 May 2020 to enrol for the JobKeeper scheme. These extended dates apply for businesses who are eligible to receive the JobKeeper payments from 30 March 2020. You may still qualify and enrol in later periods. 

Keep in mind that the earlier your enrolment is completed, the earlier the ATO will be able to start processing your JobKeeper payments.

Please give us a call on 07 4963 4800 if you have any questions or would like to discuss whether your business may be eligible. For more information on the JobKeeper payments you can visit www.ato.gov.au/jobkeeper.

Special message from Flor-Hanly Client Manager Tamika Layt

Source: JobKeeper Payment (2020). Available at: https://www.ato.gov.au/General/JobKeeper-Payment/ (Accessed: 28 April 2020).

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