COVID-19 Government Support - Do not self-assess


COVID-19 Government Support - Do not self-assess

Flor- Hanly - Tuesday, April 21, 2020

We hope you are managing during this strange environment we find ourselves in!

As a follow up to previous messages we have sent out, we want to make sure everyone who is eligible for support applies for it.

Here are some pointers:

  • Don’t assume you are not eligible! We are encouraging everyone to go through the process and apply;
  • Don’t assume you don’t need help. You may not have felt any impacts yet, however no one knows what is ahead of us. Make sure you plan ahead and consider how you may be affected;
  • Just because you don’t have employees doesn’t mean you cannot apply for the Job Keeper assistance. Sole traders, partnerships, trusts and companies may be able to get assistance for one of the owners even if they have no arms length employees;
  • Do up some cash flow forecasts to see what might be ahead. If you are going to need cash from somewhere to carry on, consider the QRIDA COVID-19 Job Support Loan which is very concessional;
  • Just because you are a primary producer, don’t think you won’t be affected! We are already hearing of the live export industry being impacted and abattoirs being hard to book cattle into. We don’t know what impact this crisis will have on our primary industries over coming months. If you are a primary producer make sure you put in place some plans!
  • Be careful when you lodge your March 2020 activity statements. The timing may affect whether or not you get a refund of any surplus cash flow assistance or whether it is offset against other ATO debts.
We are getting updates so often it is hard to be able to have exact answers to a lot of questions about eligibility and how to access assistance. It is constantly being updated. Please contact us to discuss your situation and what assistance may benefit you.

Quick message from Tony Olsen

Please reach out to our team via email, website, Zoom video or phone Flor-Hanly's Accountants on 07 4963 4800. Many of you already deal with us exclusively via these methods and will experience no service change. We are very experienced in working remotely and welcome any COVID-19 enquiries you may have.

Connect with us whatever way you like!