Patrick Palo

I grew up in a small town in Concepcion, Tarlac, Philippines, where my relatives are all farmers, particularly in the rice and corn farming industries.

I used to work at a private firm here in the Philippines for 2 years after I graduated from university in 2020, and I would say that I found excitement and fulfillment in working with Australian clients. Flor-Hanly made me feel that, even though I am not an Australian, I really felt I belonged to the group. I’m a proud Australian in heart.

Without my mom's guidance that I need to study accounting at university because she herself is an accountant here, I wouldn't have had an opportunity to meet the Flor-Hanly team and work with the clients. She is a great accountant for me, and she is my inspiration. I am grateful for her. She always teaches me how to be a good accountant.